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Individually the cameras aren't heavy (5.5 oz each), but slap two of them together and attach them to the 3D base and suddenly you have about a pound of equipment strapped to your head.Pair that with the considerable wind resistance the combination generates at speed and, well, it's safe to say you'll notice their presence -- unless you happen to have a neck that's frequently mistaken for a tree trunk.AAs surely add some bulk and heft to the thing (indeed it is a bit chubbier than the Contour HD), but replacing them in the field is of course a snap, and Tachyon promises some extreme longevity: up to 12 hours on a pair of cells.We didn't get that far, but we did clock upwards of five hours and the battery gauge is showing full. Tachyon also sells a rechargeable battery pack if you're so inclined.Order the 3D package and you get a third mount, a big, concave beast that holds the two cameras side by side and, again, seems intended for use with Velcro to attach to the top of a helmet.However, that and the latter two single-cam mounts all have standard threaded receivers on the bottom so you can pair them up with whatever kind of clamps you may have rigged up, like the suction cup mount below.It's a pair of generally pedestrian cameras that, when joined at the hip, combine Voltron-like to do something rather more interesting: capture 3D renderings of your extreme endeavors.

Three mounts are included: one that slips over a goggle strap, one that could be paired with some small straps to affix it to a vented bicycle helmet or the like, and a third that would seemingly work best with Velcro backing to stick onto whatever.Smaller power and menu buttons sit beneath that, all three of which require a disconcerting amount of pressure to activate; you really need to push to get anything to register, so thank goodness a tiny remote is included.It's much easier to press and is more or less necessary for filming in 3D (we'll explain why later), but sadly can't turn the cameras either on or off, neither can you strap it on your wrist, and since it has a range of no more than a foot in sunlight, well, it's not as useful as you might hope.That said, if you don't mind the extra heft it's quite possible to ride, walk, swim, or whatever with the cams attached to your head, as we managed to do for a few separate videos.It's at this point where the reality of the situation begins to interfere with the experience: what you're working with is two separate video cameras that, other than a plastic clamp, are completely disconnected.

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