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This version was directed by James Howard, who rewrote the ending of the play and kept the lovers alive.

He also staged the original ending, and alternated the sad and happy endings from night to night so that audience members could see whichever they liked!

However, in "Big Time Dance," Carlos asks the Jennifers to the End of the Year Dance, but ends up with Stephanie King.

He has never had a "real girlfriend", although "Mercedes Griffin" forced him to be her short-lived "boyfriend", along with others except James, in "Big Time Demos".

There are many plenty files of Womens Wardrobe Essentials.

You can find out or you can browse the files such as.

The final minutes are devastating: the hoodie-clad Apothecary who sells Romeo the poison is a truly scary presence, leading to an excruciating death scene.

There are a few minor quibbles; diction is not always ideally clear, and the range of regional accents can confuse.

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