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Fairhurst went on to tell the Sunday Times that riot were inevitable due to staff shortages and budget cuts.

'We have turned the clocks back to the 1990s,' said Fairhurst who claimed staff are quitting with disorders including stress, anxiety and depression while prisoners are revolting due to poor conditions.

With over 83,000 prisoners currently locked away, England and Wales have a staggering imprisonment rate of 150 per 100,000 of the population.Last month, prisoners started rioting ahead of a total smoking ban across many UK jails.Tobacco is to be gradually be outlawed in English jails from August 31 - but inmates have revealed that some started trouble as soon as the ban was announced.Inmates should wear Guantanamo-style jumpsuits and shackles to help combat prison violence, a union boss has said.Mark Fairhurst, acting chairman of the Prison Officers Association, also suggested locking them up for 23 hours a day if they misbehave and putting them behind glass during visits.'The American experience is the only one left,' said Mr Fairhurst of HMP Liverpool.

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    Asked about earlier reports that some of those clients included high-level officials in the Reagan and Bush administrations, Stephens said the investigation had not revealed "additional conduct which suggests criminal conduct on behalf of other people." . The Times named as clients several low-level government employees and Craig J.