Symantec intrusion prevention signatures not updating

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Pros: Comprehensive, centrally managed business endpoint security. We use Kaseya, and I would like to be able to avoid using the local management to manage all endpoints.

Comments: Recommended Antivirus and Firewall solution. Pros: -Great management interface with simple menu. Makes older computer almost so slow they are unusable.

My biggest complaint is that if I reimage a computer, and re-use the same name, it makes a duplicate entry / assigns another license until I go out to the symantec portal and delete the previous record. Cons: As a user and not an administrator, I find it feels lackluster in its capabilities. I receive alerts whenever theres a threat, and theyre automatically sandboxed.

Overall: Antivirus / Malware protection, and endpoint firewall protection. It's hard to tell if it feels like it's working sometimes. Cons: I wish they had better integration with out VSA.

Overall: I am able to keep both my personal files and business files safe by running scans through this software.

The detailed reports are fascinating to read through and give me peace of mind.

Cons: The cost is high, however what price can you put on protecting your computer.

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The option to update to the latest version, the annual renewal is timely by Symantec.Pros: Symantec usually doesn't ask questions of users and is great with blocking threats while updating behind the scenes.There are no annoying adds for upgrading software attached to it either.Pros: Robust set of features Lots of customization of policies Easy to install on endpoints Cost Competitive Cons: Setting up in the beginning can take time Not the most intuitive when setting up custom policies Pros: I like that this software offers different tools I can use to keep my computer protected.I also like I am advised when there are updates on the software to make.

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